A multimedia-enhanced photoblog about San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood

The multiple-gold-medal-winning, world-champion dough-acrobats you’ve never heard of, who work right down the street

Eric Corbin is a world champion, but not only have you never heard of him, you’ve probably never even heard of the sport he’s a champion in. Pizza dough acrobatics is an internationally-recognized sport (the US even has its own team).

Since 1991 Italy has hosted the World Pizza Championship, in which 20 different countries compete in various categories associated with making pizza, like speed, taste, acrobatics and others. Tony Gemignani, owner of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, is a 9 time World Pizza Champion, and 2 time Guinness World Record holder. Besides being a full-time cook, Tony owns and runs a pizza-making school.

Tony also manages an international team of dough acrobats, of which Eric is a member.

Here’s Tony giving a primer on how to toss pizza dough:

And here’s Eric performing at the World Pizza Games last year in Las Vegas:

Until next time, leave the flying to me!


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